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Who should come to Paladino Physical Therapy

Who should come to Paladino Physical Therapy?

  1. A person with a history of pain in their muscles or joints that just won’t go away and the pain is affecting their ability to do something they enjoy or need to do to for livelihood.
  2. A person who woke up in the morning in excruciating pain in their back or neck. They are tired of taking pain meds or doing other forms of treatments that has not worked.
  3. A person who works through pain to do the activity or a sport that they love to do but wishes they understood why they are having their pain and have some hope that they do not have to live with it.
  4. A person who is tired of driving 20 – 60 minutes to go somewhere for quality one-on-one medical care and who would rather stay in Peoria for one-on-one care.
  5. A person seeking a Physical Therapist who is extremely qualified from seeing 1000’s of patients post operatively for orthopedic surgeries and patients with non-operative pain and conditions.
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