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Medical Recommendation for a Successful Hike

Medical Recommendation for a Successful Hike

I am attempting in 2 weeks to do R2R2R hike again with a group that is raising money for The Hope Effect.  The group asked to put together an outline of Medical Recommendations.

 Preparing for the hike

  1. Stretching- hip flexors, calf muscles, quads, IT Band 30 sec 3 times


  1. Hydrate- attempt to
    1. Drink ½ your BW in oz. – ie 200# person should drink 100oz per day
    2. Electrolytes Nunns- hydration tablets while training and during the hike
      1. Use the ones that don’t have caffeine
    3. Body Armour is Hi in electrolytes


  1. Eat 8-10 servings of fruit and veggies


  1. Be mindful of body parts that are sore after your hikes


  1. Be proactive- listen to your body on your training hikes
    1. If you have sore areas on your training hike use some type of Kinesio tape before the big hikes in the areas of concern
    2. The Tapes work better if you put it on before the hike
      1. Will still work during the hike
  • My favorite tape is Rock Tape


  1. Common Area of concern hiking
    1. Hip flexors tightness
    2. Itband burning pain at joint on the outside part of the knee
  1. Hamstrings
  2. Knee joint pain and quads


  1. Sore Areas
    1. Pain will come and go as you walk 50 miles
    2. Only focus on pain that is debilitating and lasts more than 30-60 minutes
  • friction, tightness, pain
  1. If something is getting sore treat it
    1. Ice /heat
    2. Rock tape
    3. Blister control
    4. Chamois Buttr




  1. Prevention
    1. Know your feet- heel , toes, bottom of your feet
      1. Amazon has it all covered
      2. Blister Prevention tape- nextcare 3M
      3. Hike Goo
      4. Know your rubbing


  1. During hike
    1. Spencer 2nd Skin Skin Blister kit Sports, 24 count $10. Saved many people 2019
    2. Moisture pad, pressure pads are Key
    3. Bring extra pair of socks


Should I use poles?

  1. If you have joint problems in your lower extremities -yes
  2. If you struggle with altitude -yes
  3. If you have difficulty with consistent pace yes


Do not look at poles as a weakness. It will help you enjoy the canyon while you are hiking 50 miles and help with the 7000ft + of climbing.

Poles will help save your joints.  Look at hiking the canyon as not a onetime experience but at least a yearly experience.  Take care of your joints so your joints will last longer.



First Aid Kit

  1. Spencer 2nd Skin Skin Blister kit Sports, 24 count $10. Saved many people 2019
  2. Moisture pad, pressure pads are Key
  3. Rock tape
  4. Sticky wipes
  5. Chamois Butt’r
  6. 4 inch ace wrap
  7. Emergency Blanket
  8. Ice pack
  9. Hike Goo
  10. 136 oz of water ( this also depends on the weather)
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