Why do coaches love to have their athletes do Burpies

Why bring up Burpies?  Well there is always a good story behind a video or a FB Live prodcast and now for my the first official blog there is a story of why I am bring up Burpies. I found myself in Las Vegas just outside the convention center were Halle was playing in a 3 day National Qualifying Tournament.  If you are a parent, sibling or friend that has been to a club volleyball tournament you understand the word "downtime".  It is the time in between matches were you sit and wait until the your child plays again. The time drives me crazy. I hate just sitting and standing around and not being productive.  This drives Ranelle completely crazy but that it just who I am. I am sorry but you all just need to deal with it.

Well for some reason over the last four years of club volleyball you will usually find me hanging out with the younger sibbling playing football, ultimater frisbee or getting into some type of trouble during this downtime. I know if should be interacting with the parents instead of hanging with the kids.  I just have more fun with the kids what can I say.  Hence the Az Family fit Camp but that another blog that will be coming out soon.  So keep you eyes open.

Ok back to the story...Last weekend in Las Vegas,  I found myself outside with 3 boys and myself playing a game of catch a tennis ball while we are all standing in a circle.  It seemed like an innocent and easy game. I was in.

But then came the rules.  If you drop the ball when someone throws it to you, you have to do 10 burpies.  Let me remind you we were right out side the doors going into the convention center.  Yes we were doing burpies on cement which was filthy.  By the end of the game I had done about 90 burpies in a 30 minute time frame and my hands were completely black along with my clothes with sweat stains all over my clothes. Even though I was sore the rest of the trip, it was totally worth it- we laughed, had fun and we all got a good workout in.

Why are burpies such a good workout and exhausting?  Well lets break it down. 

1) The first motion is bending at the low back and getting your hands to the ground

2) The second motion is kicking your legs back so your knees are straight and holding a high plank position which is the top of a push up position.

3) The third motion is lowering yourself to the ground or you can just let yourself drop to the ground. (thats what I do after about 5 of them :)

4) The fourth motion is you getting into a pike position stick buttock up and push off with your legs bring your thighs to your chest, knees bent  and your feet flat on the ground close to your hands.

5) The fifth motion is standing up straight.

6) The sixth motion is bring your arms above your head and jumping straight up.

7) Repeat the 6 steps as many times as you can

It is a great workout.  It works your legs, your core, your upper body, adding in a jump and a good endurance/cardio workout.


So I want everyone that reads this to video tape yourself doing your best set of 3 burpies.  Text them to me. I will post them on the PaladinoPT FB page and the followers will pick the best burpie and I will give away a FREE PALADINO PHYSICAL THERAPY TSHIRT FOR THE BEST BURPIE!! Who is in?

Jason Paladino PT,MPT,ATC PaladinoPT info@paladinopt.com

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