A testimonial from David Nash

January 10, 2017

I met Jason when my daughter was doing therapy with him after a knee surgery a few years ago.  He was awesome.  I didn’t realize how awesome he was until I was sent to him by my spine doctor in early Jan 2016.  I had been diagnosed with a herniated disc and a protruding disc, with a large hernia hanging out of my disc and pressing on a nerve.  I had spent a few days in the hospital because I couldn’t walk, and was in a wheel chair until I could get into a walker.  Surgery had been scheduled and would take place in 5 weeks.  Therapy was prescribed to try and help me along until the surgery. 

The first day I went to therapy with Jason I wasn’t sure what to expect, as I was a little embarrassed and very scared as I couldn’t walk without a walker.  He came to my car to check on me when I arrived.  He placed his hand on my shoulder and told me I would be ok.  The first appointment was an evaluation and the real therapy started the next week.  From the start Jason was reassuring, confident in his treatment, and pushed me with care.  As I progressed Jason began to suggest I postpone surgery, and to consider not having it since I was improving.  At first I thought that sounded a bit crazy.  But every week I surpassed everything I had accomplished the week before. I began to believe Jason.  My spine surgeon opted to cancel my surgery and was amazed at my recovery.   This recovery and the therapy time with Jason was a short 4 months.   

This back episode occurred a year ago.  I have been back to my normal routine for the last 5 to 6 months, which includes going to the gym, running, and all types of physical activity.  Jason was the catalyst for my recovery and with his help and expertise helped me avoid surgery.  I am stronger now than I was before all of this occurred.  Without a doubt I would go to him again as well as urging my family and friends to go to him if the need arose.



David Nash

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